We Enrich Africa

We know that Africa is rich and blessed with many blessings in the motherland and in the Diaspora; yet, many African Countries remain in need of innovative educational approach to educating and training the talented people ready to work. Nigeria for example, has a large market of over 190M and the largest African oil producing country with capacity to trade big with the right technology, training, and education. Global WIN established the Enrich Africa initiative to focus on development and community revitalization with a goal to reducing poverty, human trafficking, abuse, unemployment, etc.

These various categories are already transforming their societies through leadership or economic development and social advocacy in their communities:

  1. International Consultancy
  2. Trade Mission
  3. Enrichment
    1. Capacity Development
    2. Business Exchange
  4. Tours Africa
  5. Export and Import
  6. Publishing
  7. Global Summit/Award

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Educational Cultural & Social Tours


Providing a forum for travel, social interaction, and recreation in the light of normal busy and hectic schedules  

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Enrichment Programs

Capacity Development

Exchange Program

We facilitate the enrichment of Africa training programs to and from Africa.

Many in Africa yearn to learn and to acquire new skills from the developed communities and then return home to make their communities great. They need a liaison to facilitate training, as well as the necessary information, tools and guidance to ease the process

 In the past, attempts have been made by various individuals and government, to engage Africans advancement of the continent. However, GLOBAL WIN believes that there is need for a new template for Africans and other developing communities in exchange and capacity development and engagement. For a greater world, there is a need for global network, training, and enrichment that should be trained in various sectors around the world and encouraging them to make meaningful contributions to national development.

Global WIN works with local facilitates to organize groups (minimums of 15 per group) African men, women, or youths’ leader, business, or entrepreneurs arrive in the United States to attend a customized, professional development meetings and network with multilateral development organizations, companies, industry associations, policy makers, and nonprofit groups. The empowerment program allows the participants to share best practices, discuss common challenges and learn about the global economy and factors that lead to winning success and long-term business growth. The duration can vary: one-week to three-week programs. The Enrich Africa Program assists Africans for customized programs

Women Entrepreneurs, Youth Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Business Leaders, Policy Makers, etc.

Aims & Objectives

  • To customize specific needs of each sector unique to the industry and to improve overall management
  • To connect the industry to related international institutions for the purpose to boost expertise
  • To foster an alliance between Africans, businesses, professionals in leadership positions
  • To challenge Africans to aspire to learn from experts in the developed countries for growth in their respective countries, 
  • To support professionals in leadership positions to carry out their duties and responsibilities diligently, with a focus on International training, exchange, wellness, and capacity development for professionals and government officials on Leadership, Business, Career-Financial Advancement, Education, Agriculture, Media, Journalism
  • To encourage inspirational leadership among Africans and focusing on their positions as role models and mentors
  • To create awareness for professionals and those in leadership positions for proper conduct in public office
  • To expand synergies in business and educational opportunities from the participating countries
  • To improve experience on the job