Africa is rich with many blessings and export business in Africa is a Goldmine.

Export business is an untapped business opportunity of which people in and outside Africa can take advantage. Africa has many living talented people at home and abroad who have excelled in their various fields and professions as medical doctors, engineers, lawyers, economists, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, musicians, academicians and so on.

The African Diaspora is a huge Continental Asset (Continental Blessing) which should be harnessed for continental development, including the promotion of non-oil exports and investment.

We also manage the distribution of Made in Africa goods, including fashion apparel, leathers, fashion accessories, jewelry, Gem stones, footwear, African ethnic food products, raw materials, processed cashew, cocoa powder, cocoa, chocolate, gift items, etc.

textiles and garments, and other indigenous products (non-oil exports) from Africa into America market.

We are working on a physical space that will serve as a center for Africans in the Diaspora and foreigners to enjoy African experience.

 The Center will be the hub for African foodstuffs market, wholesale and retail shops for various Nigerian products, arts and crafts galleries, restaurants, solid minerals market, event centers, commodity exchanges, banks and financial services, theatres, recording and training studios for African movies and other creative artists.

Working with Global Empowerment Movement (GM) and Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation nonprofits organizations, we urge Africans to participate in deepening the export value chain especially in textiles, solid minerals, manufactured goods and agriculture through their involvement.

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