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A Professional Editor

We guarantee perfection. Your manuscript (regardless of its condition) is handled by our professional editor (with over two decades experience in the field) who ensures it is word perfect for publication.

A Professionally Designed Book Cover

A noticeable, appealing cover to attract customers– by the best in the field of graphic designing.

Expert Interior Formatting

Your manuscript will be formatted to meet all industry standards for how the interior of your book needs to look

Your Own ‘Print on Demand’ Publishing Account

Full control over your published manuscript.

You maintain all the rights to your book, so we help you set up your publishing account to receive all royalties from sales. (Your book will be widely available for purchase on amazon.com)



Our commitment to you is that when we publish your book, no one should be able to tell that you are not traditionally published. You get the same quality; while retaining control over your book, rights, and royalties.


All your manuscript’s developmental/content/copy/structural editing will be handled by a seasoned professional in the field.

Book Cover Design

Your book cover will be professionally designed by talented, experienced Graphic Designers who will keep at it until it is perfect. Book covers are subjected to your approval with unlimited revisions.

Interior Formatting

If you have an idea how you want the interior of your book to look, we will get it just right. If you have NO idea, we will give you samples to choose from. Either way, we will exceed your expectations every time


Your book will be connected to the ordering systems of over 30,000 independent and chain bookstores, and online retailers globally, plus major eBook retailers.

Print On Demand

Whether you need one book, or a thousand, you get to order only what you need and nothing more.

Personal Publishing Account

We help you set up your own personal publishing account, so you maintain control of your book after the publishing process ends.

eBook Distribution

From one platform, you will be connected to all the top players in the digital distribution network.

Expanded Reach

Your book will have the potential to reach over seven billion readers across the globe.


You will have access to talented, passionate and experienced writers who can help transform even bad writing into a literary gem. They will fill in what was left out due to writers block, time constraints or a struggle to articulate thoughts and ideas.

**Additional fees may apply.

Currently Published Books

We Are The Blessings of Africa, Reshaping Our Greatness Together.”

The event also featured excerpts from Queen Blessing’s empowerment book:

“Empower a woman and you empower the family, Community, City, Country, Continent, and the World. Women must be empowered to see themselves as part of the solution, not just as women reserved for sex or for the kitchen. Africa is a diverse continent, blessed with talented people, rich in diversity – different countries, different cultures, and natural resources.”

“Dying Inside, Loving Your True Skin”

Dr. Queen Blessing’s personal life story and Dying Inside, Loving Your True Skin book are a significant part of a Hollywood feature film: Skinned. Dr. Queen Blessing starred and played herself as “Dr. Blessing,” the inspirational wellness expert, inspiring others with low self-esteem. The Skinned movie is acquired and televised nationally in America.

Dr. Queen Blessing is working on the second edition of this book: Dying Inside, No-bleach Call to Loving Your True Skin.


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