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We are a United States-based company with a registered Global WIN Vintage Services company in Nigeria, West Africa. We promote the development of African trade, commerce, investment and industrial technological relationships between the private and the public sectors in the United States of America, Middle East, Asia and African Countries for the socio-economic and communal development.

We represent investors and American’s corporations in Africa, and we connect resources, funds, and people to doing wholesome businesses in Africa.

We are in collaboration with government officials and decision makers and we create enabling environments for International investors and governments can be introduced to various business opportunities that exist in Africa and other Countries, including the USA.

Global WIN also known as America Africa Business Investment Forum provides a platform for harnessing the energy generated as an asset for development. We help to identify new technologies that can be employed towards economic growth of African Countries, and eventually facilitate relationships between Africa and international governments, and businesses.

We empower, enrich, and energize Africans via capacity development, excursion, and exchange in order to meet the worldwide capacity, that will energize and motivate them to return home to help build a better continent.


  • Promotes business exchange and training between America and African businesses, leadership, and governmental officials as well as organize the best practices training or hands-on workshops and seminars.
  • Provides a platform for collaboration between African Countries and Investors in the United States of America and global communities
  • Promotes and Coordinates International Personal, Professional, and Community Enrichment including, Capacity Development and Exchange/Excursion
  • Organizes best practices training or hands-on workshops/seminars and conferences
  • Facilitates and conduct Leadership & Businesses Training Exchange for Capacity Building
  • Connects businesses in the public sector and government organizations worldwide
  • Liaise and provide access connecting and opportunity to business enterprises in the public sector and government organizations globally
  • Celebrates and reward hard work! We act as PR to recognize and promote high achievers as we highlight & honor leaders, and Icons making a difference in their fields, internationally


To advance productivity, revitalize communities via communal and personal development via capacity development, social exchange, and wellness empowerment for greater good.


To act as a liaison between investors and African nations and to bring about business investment and development exchange between international governments, businesses, and Africa


We work with Global Empowerment Movement, Blessings of Africa, and other organizations to building strong communities locally and internationally.


To identify, address, and promote the interests of African businesses, professional organizations and communities market their products, services, education, research, investment, finance, manufacturing, and many more as well as to offer seminars and business counseling to American corporations wanting to explore and expand business opportunities in Africa and vice versa.


  • To promote the Africa economic development
  • To promote the education and training of diverse professionals, including legislators about the policy making process in Africa
  • To create a process that helps ease the exchange capacity building
  • To guide and inform Africans and businesses about the economic opportunities in the USA and developed communities globally
  • To encourage the inflow of professional expertise from diaspora into the African economy by encouraging the establishment of investment and training in Africa
  • To stimulate the development, enrichment, and equipment of high achievers


  • Identify investments groups as applicable to business functions
  • Facilitate meetings between African governments and international governments, and businesses
  • Promoting dialogue between leaders and business entities
  • Engaging business entities to providing resources, training, financial investment & services
  • Connecting the public sector and government organizations and advising investors and businesses on opportunity
  • Organize training and travel to and from the USA and international events
  • Coordinate official meetings of global leaders and welcome visiting foreign delegations.
  • Build a strong, economic and cultural bridge between Africa and Georgia, USA for the greater development of Africa and globally
  • Increase awareness of opportunities in Georgia and USA
  • Organize economic development training with experts from different communities in America.

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