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Global WIN – is an America Africa Business Investment Forum (AABIF) that brings together some of the top leaders from America and around the world to expanding trade and investment opportunities on the continent of Africa.


To identify, address, and promote the interests of African businesses, professional organizations and communities market their products, services, education, research, investment, finance, manufacturing, and many more as well as to offer seminars and business counseling to American corporations wanting to explore and expand business opportunities in Africa and vice versa.


We connect investment and facilitate capacity building, business exchange, women and youth business initiatives to African emerging markets as well as humanitarian projects to improve African developing countries living conditions.

About Global WIN, LLC.

Global WIN has a broad spectrum of partnerships with skilled that extends to both the public and private sectors. We have strategic partners in the areas of Infrastructure Development, Green Technology, and many more who assist us to reaching our goals of creating opportunities to expand and increase Africa’s economic growth and prosperity.

AABIF is a powerful Platform for your business advocacy and an inexpensive and efficient resource for Individual members because of its ability to consolidate resources from several other businesses. We strive to promote America investors and business opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa in diverse areas including Power, Water Development, Housing and Community Development, Road and Construction, Manufacturing and Technologies, Education and Research, Agriculture and Value Chain, Mining, Export, Wellness, Health, Medical Tourism, and Pharmaceuticals, etc.

We work with the Global Empowerment Movement to organize Africa Diaspora Day at the Capitol in Georgia. We want to be a part of electing leaders that understand and respect our community and support us to start and run businesses because when our businesses thrive, our people thrive too, and we are economically stronger.

Join us to grow your business and expand to Africa – Global markets and partner with African governments, professional organizations, businesses leaderships, and institutions of higher learning. 

Africa is fast emerging as a great opportunity for Investors. “According to the Economist Africa’s annual output grew 4.9% faster than the global average of 3.8% in 2000-08. Foreign direct investment increased from $10 billion to $88 billion, which was more than India ($42 billion) and, remarkably, almost as much as China ($108 billion).

America Africa Business Investment Forum (AABIF) is a Global WIN Limited Liability Company, an American Company focused on the enrichment of Africa. AABIF specializes in African-American commerce, investment, business development, markets and tourism promotion between investors, businesses, individuals and Continental Africa. Global WIN connects America investment and trade with sub-Saharan Africa for economic expansion, growth, and integration. We consult for and assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United States of America as well as Middle East, Asia, and Europe to expand successfully into Africa markets and verse versa with the sole purpose to increasing productivity and winning a sustainable growth through successful expansion into international markets

America Africa Business Investment Forum (AABIF) is a trusted Africa investment consultant/adviser for investors. We facilitate infrastructure projects with the capacity to transform the African continent. We bring together some of the top leaders from America and around the world to expanding trade and investment opportunities on the continent of Africa. We facilitate American investors and African companies to create business investment for opportunities to expand and increase Africa’s economic growth and prosperity.

Africa has great potential and ready for business. International businesses can no longer ignore Africa’s potential and doing business in Africa.

Africa is open for business; reach out if you are interested in doing business in Africa, building international coalitions, visit, or tour Africa. Africa is amazing!

Global WIN represents and helps potential investors interested in doing business in Africa with a better understanding of the potential issues and solutions involved in establishing or doing business in Africa. 

Global WIN provides increased awareness of international and local investors to a myriad of opportunities for infrastructural investments in Africa as well as open windows of opportunities for businesses to participate in infrastructural development projects that potentially accelerate the pace of economic growth success.

The wealth of Africa, Nigeria for example, can be classified into crude oil and solid minerals. While the former has been well exploited through JV Partners like Shell, Chevron, Mobil producing etc. not much emphasis has been laid on the solid minerals. We have information that can give Investors an insight on the wealth underground in Nigeria and Africa.

Global WIN creates a profitable business bridge and a platform for starting non-oil export, businesses, mineral resources, green technologies, etc. from Africa.

Global WIN is an investment and advisory company, committed to partnering and assisting to outsource reputable company interested in doing business in Africa.

Send in your inquiries and we will send necessary information for review and transmission to such potential Investors. With our reputable local technical partners who have high-level relationship and a deep knowledge of the opportunities in Africa, we are able to serve as expert consultants to structure and monitor investment. We put in place all necessary, reliable structures tied to entry for and doing business in African Countries, joint venture agreement, implementation and repatriation of proceeds.

Our Services

Connecting businesses in the public sector and government organizations worldwide

Goal: LIASE AND Provide access connecting and opportunity to business enterprises in the public sector and government organizations globally

We share pertinent information regarding investment/funding opportunities from Global investors in the development of Africa

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Our Commitment

Global WIN is dedicated to the facilitation and promotion of international business consulting, investments, trade missions, capacity and leadership development, business expansion, business exchange, infrastructure development, and we engage business and government delegates operating in, but not limited to the infrastructure development listed below:



  • Energy Infrastructure: including renewable energy
  • Housing and Urban Infrastructure
  • Technology Infrastructure,
  • Transportation infrastructure,
  • Health and Medical Infrastructure
  • Medical Tourism and Medical Infrastructure
  • WIFI/Connectivity


  • Agriculture and relevant technologies such as storage system, preservation, food safety, food processing, added value chain
  • Road Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Minerals
  • Consulting

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