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Global WIN connects investors with sub-Saharan African businesses for economic expansion. We consult for and assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United States of America as well as Middle East, Asia, and Europe to expand successfully into Africa markets and vise-versa with the sole purpose to increasing productivity and winning a sustainable growth through successful launch or integration into international markets especially in non-oil export, businesses, mineral resources, green technologies, etc.

With our reputable local technical partners who have high-level relationship and a deep knowledge of the opportunities in Africa, we are able to serve as your expert business consultants to help structure and monitor your investment.

In collaborations with our strategic partners, we provide the following services:

  • Real Estate development, integrated Housing, mixed use, Smart Grid, and Urban Infrastructure
  • Energy Infrastructure: including renewable energy/Power plants, hydraulic electric power stations, solar/wind etc.

    Africa Investment

    • Agriculture with a focus on Corn, Wheat & Rice, and relevant technologies such as Storage system, Preservation, Food Safety, Food processing, added value chain
    • Technology
    • Oil and Gas
    • Manufacturing
    • Public-Private Partnership Development
      • Leverage financing via funding partners
      • Oil field industry/drilling equipment (rigs, draw works, oil pumps, bits… parts), Seamless Steel pipes (oil/gas transport pipelines),
      • Large windmill, solar energy projects, etc.
      • Oil/gas investment projects for investment groups such as oil field drilling projects or LNG exploration/transport/export terminal project.

    Capacity Building

    Global Win LLC is registered in Nigeria as Global WIN Vintage Services Ltd. and partners with indigenous Nigerian, African training and development firms to provide a wide array of trade and investment specific, local and international study tour.

    Our programs are offered on three strands viz Global Learning Exchange Program, Study Tour and Business Exchange.

    Target Audience: Certain to benefit from the BEN are Government officials, Professional Executive, Business Leaders, Private individuals, Women Entrepreneurs, Youth Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Policy Makers and youths or emerging leaders in a variety of fields of interest or experience

    Global Learning Exchange Program: We facilitate our exchange programs to and from Africa.

    GLOBAL WIN believes that there is need for a new template for Africans and other developing communities in exchange and capacity development and engagement.

    Global WIN works with local facilitators to organize groups (minimums of 15 per group) African men, women, or youths’ leader, business, or entrepreneurs arrive in the United States to attend a customized, professional development meetings and network with multilateral development organizations, companies, industry associations, policy makers, and nonprofit groups. The training program allows the participants to share best practices, discuss common challenges and learn about the global economy and factors that lead to winning success and long-term business growth. The duration can vary: one-week to three-week programs.

    Study Tour: Delivered by professionals and experts with practical experiences in Africa.

    Our study tour training courses provide a combination of lectures, case studies, and hands-on exercises.

    Our programs offer

    • Hands-on training workshops to acquire social and economic sustainability lessons necessary to compete in an open and global market.
    • Learnings from other scholars, expert professionals, organizations leaders, and government officials in best practices
    • Collaborations and Networking opportunities

    Business Exchange & Networking (BEN): A platform for dialogue of positive change and learning.

    With the BEN we create a conducive platform for networking, solidarity and cohesion amongst for self-development, and capacity building in the sector of interest

    Aims & Objectives

    • To provide opportunity for Business-to-Business meetings / presentations / seminars
    • To connect the participants to related international organizations for the purpose to network
    • To provide opportunity for site shows and tourism
    • To meet and receive advice from experts in the United States and in Africa.

    Trade Missions  & Tours

    The Goal: To strengthen and increase economic ties between African Countries and the United States of America.

    Trade Missions

    We serve as liaison to various international organizations, including the public sector and government organizations.

    We facilitate business to business, and we foster collaboration between foreign investors in the United States of America, Middle East, Asia, and Europe to African Countries.

    We organize and help your company to participate in various trade fairs exhibition and commercial events internationally.

    Through our trade missions we bring the needed expertise, especially investments and much-needed funding for development of businesses especially Beauty and Fashion, Technology, Agriculture, Energy, Power, Low-Cost Housing, Telecommunications, and more.

    Business Tours

    Available International Travel Destinations



    Travel/Information/Package/Visa Package

    Package covers: Travel Agency, Accommodation and Transportation and/Letters for Visa

    Africa is rich with many blessings and export business in Africa is a Goldmine.

    Export and Import

    Export business is an untapped business opportunity of which people in and outside Africa can take advantage.

    We manage the distribution of Made in Africa goods, including fashion apparel, leathers, fashion accessories, jewelry, Gem stones, footwear, African ethnic food products, raw materials, processed cashew, cocoa powder, cocoa, chocolate, gift items, textiles and garments, and other indigenous products (non-oil exports) from Africa into America and other markets.

    Let us help you to expand into or

    export from Africa successfully.

    Africa Invest

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