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Global WIN is an American Limited Liability Management Consultancy Firm, founded by Dr. Queen Blessing Itua in response to the critical need to build a one stop business consulting hub that provides customized business growth solutions for our clients with key focus areas being  capital, marketing, savings, and sustainability strategy.

“Global WIN provides the ultimate business growth solutions that every business needs to grow their business for profitability and sustainability”.

We are considered a preferred business growth solutions company and are eager to consult and match entrepreneurs like you with the optimal growth solutions including capital, savings, marketing, and growth expansion. Global WIN help businesses across all industries with customized solutions to their needs with an expansive number of capital solutions, credit repair, digital marketing, growth expansion, and customized, supportive solutions available.

At Global WIN, we value savings, be it savings from energy costs or credit card processing fees, etc. and savings from current expenditures and reduce credit card processing fees are examples capital savings. We believe that for businesses to truly attain real growth, we have to take a multi-pronged approach for real capital solution because multiple techniques tend to get the best results. For this reason, we partner with our clients and family of businesses to provide management consulting solutions for businesses. Through our partnerships, we help businesses save capital from wastages and current expenditures such as energy costs for the ultimate capital solutions and growth success for your business.

Our Vision

To deliver the ultimate winning business growth solutions for our clients, a true global impact for a smarter and more sustainable world.

Our Mission

To effectively consult, market, promote, and grow businesses for a more profitable and sustainable businesses. 

Our Objectives

To work with our Family of Companies and Partners to:

  • Deliver the optimum winning Capital and digital marketing solutions for optimization, profitability, and sustainability
  • Promote holistic, capital, and wellness solutions for businesses and their employees and to Combat Climate Change for Healthier, Sustainable Businesses and Safer World 

Unique Solutions


How We Work.

Together with our family of businesses, we are helping to bring business specific growth and sustainability solutions to businesses.

We work with America Capital Solutions, to match and customize for your business commercial lending and digital marketing solutions for expedited funding road map that flows seamlessly; and we work with Global Energy Management Technology –, a leading global champion of energy efficiency for capital savings.

Through consultation for businesses, we match them with customized solutions, expedited funding road map that flows seamlessly, helping our clients save time, and most importantly, provide them with the growth solutions that they need.

Our goal is to get you the capital solutions that your business needs, be it getting you capital or reducing fees, and saving capital to boost cash flow and improve revenue retention for real efficient, profitable, and sustainable business.

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