Our Causes

We are helping to empower individuals and communities. Throughout the pandemic, we have supported our humanitarian programs and extended philanthropic support to the broader community. Our efforts include working together with Global Empowerment Movement, Blessings of Africa, and African Unity Sixth Region USA to help them help their cause and to get back to thriving. Now we are committing to doing even more and we are encouraging everyone to join us in giving back hope, blessings, and a hand by supporting the needy.

Together, we can share hope with our customers, our communities, and beyond. For Empowerment Solutions, we work with the following Humanitarian Organizations. Please Join Us to Provide Support for the following organizations we support:

Global Empowerment Movement Corporation

Global Empowerment Movement (GEM) Corporation is a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2018.

Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation

Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation  provides Economic Enrichment for the Voiceless African People In Need (APIN), (Displaced by economic disadvantage), and Youths In Need (YIN) (At risk youths and children)

African Unity Sixth Region USA Foundation

The AU Sixth Region USA Foundation is a Network of the People of African Descent in the USA, as part of the Sixth Region of the African Continent residing outside the Continent.

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